Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine Healing Therapy:

  • Increases energy and eliminates fatigue
  • Relaxes muscles and loosens joints
  • Elimination of physical, emotional and spiritual  toxins and residue
  • Use of life force to restore and rebuild the organs, nervous and endocrine system.
  • Opening and activating spiritual  structures in the body
  • Decreases inflammation and promotes healing
  • Releases blocks and establishes flow of life force in the body
  • Increases joint lubrication
  • Increases flexibility and motion
  • Reconditions muscles
  • Releases endorphins
  • Releases tension
  • Releaves stress

Energy Medicine Healing (also known as Somatic Qi Healing ) is a form of treatment developed by Dr. Singh over the last 30 years with the specific intention to provide patients immediate relief from pain while restoring the unobstructed flow of vital Qi energy.


My strengths, both physical and emotional, have reached heights I never dreamt of. I now come from a core within myself of great strength and self-acceptance.
Iacopo Wachter,
Int'l Marketing Director